Fire Damage

Smoke, soot and heat can cause utter devastation even after emergency fire crews have quenched smoldering flames. Dealing with an Aurora house fire can be a never-ending headache if not done with professional help. At Aurora Water Damage, our trained professionals understand the complex nature of fire damage and have the technical skills to put an end to offensive smoke smells, burnt interiors and discoloration of burnt surface or furnishings.

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The in’s and out’s on smoke

  • Fire extinguishers create their own chemical residues that require professional handling
  • Fuel oil soot can be released from furnace combustion and should be cleaned to prevent respiratory problems
  • Dry smoke results from high temperature, fast burning fires. Dry smokes generally leave a powdery, dusty residue.
  • Wet smoke results from long burning lower temperature fires. Wet smoke causes smearing, web-like damage and are much more difficult to clean. Most cooking fires cause this type of damage.
  • Protein residues can leave awful odors and discolor appliances, paints and lacquers that require professional cleaning to eliminate.

Interesting Facts about Smoke

  • Smoke can actually travel around ductwork and inside your house between rafters and plumbing, leaving a lingering burnt smell throughout your home.
  • Hot smoke tends to move upward through your house, so a kitchen fire may have its biggest effects in your attic.
  • Smokes are not created equally, depending on their origin; their cleanup profiles will be different. The professional at Aurora Water Damage understand this.
  • Upon arrival, our professionally certified fire inspection team will look for byproducts release during burning that may not be immediately obvious. Carcinogenic compounds released during burning will be isolated and cleaned to prevent future health problems for residents or occupants.
  • Unaffected areas: protecting areas unaffected by damage is critical and will save you money in the long run – we’ll recommend you allow us to take further damage mitigation measures during inspection.
  • Inventory and loss-record: we will carefully record our professional loss assessment with your restoration service. This is necessary for insurance claims and let’s you know exactly what belongings will need to be replaced.
  • Advanced Fire Restoration Methods: we will apply our industry-tested knowledge of fire restoration products and techniques to bring you residence or business back to its former luster in no time.

Aurora Fire Damage Assessments

Even after the devastation of a fire, you CAN get your property back to pre-damage condition. Our CFI certified fire damage professionals at Aurora Water Damage can help you get back on track and into your Colorado home or place of business.

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